Dr. Streich has had extensive clinical and supervisory experience. She served as a positive role model for students/trainees at our university. Her attention to ethics and culturally appropriate treatment set a great example to her peers, and post-doctoral fellows. Dr. Streich is easy to work with and open to feedback. She is flexible in her approach with patients and students. Social, cultural and economic issues are always considered with her patients and this comes across in her teaching and supervision of students. She is an ethical professional and is committed to continuing education. Such a multifaceted perception is of great benefit clinically, particularly in multidisciplinary settings such as those found in a hospital. As a former Director of Training and Chief Psychologist for a university medical center, I understand the skills needed to supervise staff and students while conducting clinical and administrative tasks. Dr. Streich meets and exceeds these expectations.  

 Dr. Streich is a professional of the highest quality. Her commitment to the well-being of students was the hallmark of her work at the university. That commitment was demonstrated by ensuring that the Office of Student Counseling and Disability Services was a safe haven for students and where confidentiality was assured. Dr. Streich came to our organization with a broad background and life experiences. Her career in business prior to becoming a psychologist enhanced her effectiveness in understanding and supporting the student body.  

 Dr. Streich was greatly admired by her colleagues. She is particularly gifted at identifying staff needs, encouraging their contributions, and involving them in the planning process. Her commitment and passion for her work was evident as we worked so closely together, and, she became a close friend and colleague of mine. I have the greatest admiration for her work